Δευτέρα , 4 Δεκέμβριος 2023


6th  Mare Forum Mykonos 2023

Saint John Hotel Villas and Spa, MYKONOS GREECE // September 1, 2023

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**Ticket price 300 EUR

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to set sail on a journey of exploration, innovation, and collaboration at the highly anticipated maritime event in the picturesque island of Mykonos.

Join top executives and shipowners from around the world as they convene at the exclusive Mare Forum to engage in lively discussions, share valuable insights and forge new connections in the ever-evolving world of maritime.

This event promises to be the ultimate platform for industry leaders to chart new courses, navigate challenges, and steer towards a brighter future for the global shipping industry. So, hoist your sails and join us for an unforgettable maritime experience in Mykonos

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George Gourdomichalis, President & Managing Director, Phoenix Shipping & Trading (Conference Chairman)

Theofilos Xenakoudis, Chief Commercial Officer, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry

Nicolas A. Vernicos, President, Vernicos Maritime Group

Spyridon Tarasis, Vice Chairman, INTERCARGO

Nurettin Caliskan President International Relations, Turkish Shipbuilders Association

John-Kaare Aune CEO, Wallem Group

George Tsavliris, Principal, Tsavliris Salvage Group

Eberhard Koch BOD member, Cyprus Union of Shipowners

Kostas Vlachos Chief Technical Operations Officer, Castor Ships S.A.

Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry

Akis Tsirigakis, CEO, Nautilus Offshore

Dagfinn Lunde, Chairman, Cleaves Securities AS

Marina Tzoutzouraki, CFO and co-founder, eShipfinance.com

Geert Dokter, Managing Director Conoship International BV

Tom Softeland, Chairman, Spinnaker

Chris Vartzis, Partner, Stephenson Harwood

Alexandra Hagerty, MIT Executive, Hagerty Maritime Consulting LLC

Harilaos Psaraftis, Professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Alexander Prokopakis, CEO, LNG PRO Bunkers Ltd.

Minas Sorotos, Managing Director, Flynn Ventures Ltd, Athens

Georgia Vasilaki, Global Head of Indirect Procurement, Inchcape Shipping Services

Sophia Brown, General Manager, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry

Rona Kaspi, Partner, AKT Law Firm

Chloe Hekmati, Commercial Director FMC Globalsat | President, Youngship France

Rania Sifounopoulou, Safety & Quality Manager, Dioryx Maritime Services Corporation

Daniel Tadros COO, American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association, Inc

Anastasia Kiritsi Professor, Arden University

Helen Thanopoulou Professor, Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean

Lina Jasutiene Shipping attorney, Founder, and CEO, Recoupex a Global cargo transportation lawyers Hub

Angelos Roupas Pantaleon Founder Second Wind & Partners

Paul Katsouris, Managing Associate, Stephenson Harwood (Dubai)

Jason Stefanatos, Regional Decarbonization Director, DNV

Tom Softeland, Chairman, Spinnaker

Dimitris Lyras, Managing Director, Ulysses Systems

Gina Panayiotou, ESG Manager, West of England P&I

Alexander Prokopakis, CEO, LNG PRO Bunkers Ltd.

Maarten Sickler, Director Sales, Conoship International

Erhan Esinduy, Foreign Relations Commission Member, Turkish Shipbuilders Association, GISBIR

Theo Kourmpelis, Director Strategic Key Accounts; Energy Transition & Sustainability Passionate, Lloyd’s Register

Panos Yannoulis, President, Oceanking

George Xiradakis, President, Association of Banking and Financial Executives of Hellenic Shipping

Andreas Theodoropoulos, Portfolio Manager, PRAMADEX S.A

Yasmina Rauber, General Secretary, ZCA (Zug Commodity Association)

Fay Catsiba, Owner, PREMIUM CONSUL

Corrado Pesce, Chartering Broker, Marnavi spa

Theodore Chouliaras, B.o.D. President & CEO, UPoilTankers Inc

Christian Grotnes Halvorsen, Deputy Head Of Mission, Norwegian Embassy in Athens

Danial Kaabi, CEO, Sea Horizon Offshore Marine Services

Maria Stavropoulou, In-House Legal Counsel, Cyprus Sea Lines

Nikos Marmatsouris, Group Senior Marketing Manager, GAC Shipping SA

Stavriana Asprogiannidou, Director, Willis Towers Watson

Rosemary Rontiri, Senior Partner, PPT Legal

Ioanna Papoutsoglou, Business Development Manager, South-Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East, Cayman Registry

Burcu Berrak, Atlas P&I, Board Member, Wista Turkey


Event Topics – Who is afraid of the future?

The shipping markets,

Opportunities  ahead,  Training,  trade, regulations, geopolitics

The right way ahead to Decarbonisation – Lessons to be learned

Adapting the New Technologies – Who bears cost and risk?

Where does the money to finance decarbonization come from; and how do you get it?

What are the benefits of the features of alternative Finance and other models to the global shipping industry?

The human factor trends in shipping – imperatives

Designing the bright future of maritime Greece


Event Partners

IRI/Marshall Islands Registry

Wallem Group

GISBIR – Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association



Business College of Atehens – Greek institute of Maritime Education


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