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This year Marine Money International will host for the 25th time the Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum on Tuesday 17th October 2023. This event will be the ideal opportunity to reflect on the past quarter century in Greek shipping as well as peer into the future of the industry both from a Greek and a global perspective. We will invite shipping personalities who have supported us over those 25 years to revisit old issues talked about over the years, and reflect on where the industry is now and is heading in the future. We will invite financiers of shipping from New York to Europe to Asia, and shipowners with experience of these finance sources. We will delve into the mission for cleaner shipping and talk to first movers in technology progress and implementation.  Our Marine Money Greek conference is the foremost ship finance conference in Greece and attracts well over 300 delegates from Greece and the major shipping and finance centers of the world.

Register Now for our 25th anniversary Marine Money Greek Forum 2023 taking place on Tuesday, 17th October at the Eugenides Foundation, Syngrou Avenue, Athens. Together with our Conference Partner Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co. Ltd. we sincerely hope that you will be part of the experience.

The last 25 years has been remarkable for Marine Money, Greece and global shipping. Such growth in world shipping fleets, increases in vessel values, markets reaching peaks and troughs, finance sources reaching round the world. Greek shipping has remained on top throughout.

The excitement in the shipping markets continues to grasp our attention with sector supply largely in good shape and macro issues affecting demand and enthusiasm. Join over 300 maritime executives from Greece and the world to hear shipping decision makers discuss the latest issues in shipping and finance and where the years ahead will take us.



Non-Members Ticket: US$1,350 + 24% GR VAT

Members Ticket (Pro & Corporate Memberships): US$1,215 + 24% GR VAT

Best Value! Pay for three and get the fourth free = 3 x $1,450 + 24% = US$5,394.00


Agenda Topics and more about this event are here

We are building the conference programme and welcome your input. If you are interested in speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch now with mia.jensen@marinemoney.gr


Our sponsors to date:


Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co. Ltd.


Navios Maritime Partners L.P.


TEN Limited


IRI / The Marshall Islands Registry


Capital Product Partners L.P.



Danaos Corporation * Seward & Kissel LLP * Watson, Farley & Williams LLP



AIG Europe S.A. * Alantra * Alphard Group * Atlas Maritime * Australis Maritime * Best Oasis * CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. * Chrysses Demetriades & Co. * Dorian LPG * Eurodry Ltd. * FPG AIM BV * Jefferies LLC * Luxembourg Stock Exchange * NAV Engineering & Technology LTD. * Neptune Maritime Leasing * NorthCape * PwC * Reed Smith LLP * Seacon Ships Management Group * Seahawk Investments * Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. * Star Bulk Carriers Corporation * Stephenson Harwood * Transport Capital * Value Maritime.


Register now here and we will advise again when we release the agenda within mid-September.

With kind regards,


Mia Jensen and Kevin Oates



Mobile / Kevin: +30 694 430 2827

Mobile / Mia: +30 697 221 0069




Marine Money Greek Forum


25th Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum2023



08:50 Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00 Opening Remarks

Mia Jensen, Director Greece & Events Organiser, Marine Money International

James Lawrence, Chairman, Marine Money International

10:10 Partner Welcome

Xu Bin, Chairman, BOCOM Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

10:20 Where best to invest your capital today?

Shipping markets are strong, but economic and regulatory challenges are brewing. Strategic decisions about capital investment need a long runway to profitability. How to grow your business and renew your fleet, assess and mitigate the risks, and come out a winner.

Panel Discussion

John Coustas, President & CEO, Danaos Corporation

Petros Pappas, Chief Executive Officer, Star Bulk Carriers Corp.

Jerry Kalogiratos, CEO & Director at Capital Product Partners L.P.

Leon Patitsas, Founder & CEO, Atlas Maritime Ltd.

Elias Sakellis, Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Borealis Maritime

Moderator: Harry N. Vafias, CEO, StealthGas, Inc

11:00 The mission towards cleaner shipping – first movers, technology progress and implementation and the longer term solution. What will the next 25 years bring?

Learning from progress in technology and innovation over the past quarter century, how realistic is it for shipping to

be carbon neutral by 2050. What progress is being made in 2023 and who will ultimately pay for the massive

investment required. Leading innovators, owners and financiers will discuss the reality of decarbonization and its

cost, and the progress being made by Greek owners compared to others.

Panel discussion

Michael Parker, Global Industry Head of Shipping & Logistics, Citi

Charis Plakantonaki, Chief Strategy Officer, Star Bulk Carriers Corp.

Tom Lister, Chief Commercial Officer & Head of ESG, Global Ship Lease

Alexandros Hadjipateras, Senior Executive VP Dorian LPG (USA) LLC and MD Dorian LPG Management Corp. (Athens)

Yvette van der Sommen, Commercial Director, Value Maritime

Moderator: Dimitris Sakipis, Head of ESG & Maritime Sustainability Center, PwC Greece

11:35 Captains of Industry

Aristides Pittas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Euroseas Ltd. / EuroDry Ltd is from a traditional family business and has lead a transitional change into the capital markets and fleet growth and diversification. A discussion on the last 25 years in shipping, the main achievements and the difficult moments. Where next and how the industry has changed in the last quarter century.

Interviewed by: Alexia Hatzimichalis, Partner and Head of Athens Office, Watson Farley & Williams

11:55 Coffee Break

12:25 Identifying current investment opportunities in bulk shipping

Dry cargo supply fundamentals are strong with a low orderbook and decarbonization regulations delaying newbuildorders. Slowing global growth and shipping costs are hampering demand. A discussion about the orderbook and new technology, war and slowing economic confidence and where it points for dry bulk in the next two years.

Panel Discussion

Stavros Gyftakis, CFO, Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.

Simos M. Pariaros, Chief Administrative Officer, Euroseas Ltd. / EuroDry Ltd.

Yiannis Kourkoulis, Vice President, Best Oasis Limited

Nikolas Triantafyllakis, CEO, W Marine Inc.

Moderator: Eva Tzima, Head of Research & Valuations, Seaborne Shipbrokers S.A

12:55 Growth in the carbon markets – value for the shipping industry.

ETS and the global regulated markets – what are the trading opportunities for shipping?

Arlie Sterling, President, Marsoft and Anna Stablum, Business Development Director, ClimeCo.

13:05 Financing growth in a strong market cycle

Bank finance continues to support Greek shipping despite a plethora of alternatives arising over the past 25 years.

What is the mainstay today and how do financiers hedge the risks when vessel values are strong, future ship fuels

are debateable and interest rates are higher than for 20 years. Additionally factoring in ESG and a decarbonisation

strategy makes for a further challenge.

Panel Discussion

George Tzelepis, Director Shipping, Credit Suisse

Theofanis E. Moustakatos, Head of Shipping, National Bank of Greece S.A.

Ilias Katsoulis, Head of Shipping, Deutsche Bank

Nicholas Pavlidis, Head of Shipping, Bank of Cyprus

Hugues Calmet, Head of DNB Representative Office Athens, DNB Bank ASA

Michael de Visser, Managing Director – Head of Shipping, NIBC Bank N.V.

Moderator: Chris Vartzis, Partner, Stephenson Harwood

13:40 TEN Ltd at 30

Nicholas Tsakos, Chief Executive Officer, TEN Ltd

Lunch co-hosted by TEN Limited


15:10 Raising capital for shipping. Which markets and which structures?

see more https://storage.googleapis.com/



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