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Celebrates Success of Inaugural ESG Shipping Awards 2023 – THE CONFERENCE!

We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the inaugural ESG Shipping Awards 2023 -THE CONFERENCE held on Friday 20 October at the Grand Hyatt in Athens.

The ESG Shipping Awards 2023 – THE CONFERENCE, the sequel of the awards ceremony held last May, organized by Helena Athoussaki and Katerina Stathopoulou brought together more than 40 industry experts from the shipping companies to share insights, exchange ideas, and explain what led them to their award-winning achievements. The event with over 450 attendees, provided a platform for insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. “As we gather here for this ESG shipping conference, it is imperative to highlight three fundamental principles that underpin our panel discussions and presentations: Inclusiveness, Transparency and Engagement” emphasized the organizers at the event opening.

THE CONFERNCE kicked off with the opening remarks of Mr. Koutoulakis, Secretary General of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy. “The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, along with the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping are supporting the ESG Shipping Awards, in order to encourage and promote the shipping industry’s effort to incorporate sustainability as a critical and fundamental part of its strategy.” Dr George Pateras, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping (HCS) stressed the importance of the ESG reporting and announced the HCS guide to ESG reporting. Mrs. Julia Tsetis the President of the UN Global Compact Network Greece, highlighted “We have developed a series of initiatives that help shipping companies to progress towards their sustainability goals by providing information, education, open dialogues and actions.” Attendees had the privilege to listen to inspiring speeches from seven informative panels led by recognized experts in the field. The event fostered a collaborative environment where industry professionals shared their companies’ best practices, challenges, opportunities and the pressing ESG issues facing the industry. Throughout this conference, a wide range of topics were discussed, including decarbonization, circular economy, health and safety culture, people wellbeing and development, social responsibility initiatives and the integration of ESG into corporate governance structures. “This conference is another global statement about Greek shipping and its ecosystem, proving it can innovate, adapt and lead, especially when it concerns people, the environment and society” as Mr. Koutoulakis emphasized. The conference also introduced ESG Alerts and Point of View sessions with experts diving into the latest ESG trends, regulations, and the future of ESG reporting in the shipping industry. At the closing of THE CONFERENCE, the organizers announced the ESG Shipping Awards 2024 INTERNATIONAL on 20 May 2024 in Athens. “Let us remember that the journey towards sustainable and responsible shipping practices does not end here. It is a continuous effort that requires collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment from all stakeholders.” The chairman of the judging committee, Jan Fransen in his motivational speech asked companies to make the step and submit nominations for 2024. “Together, we can move our planet forward – we can create a more sustainable, responsible, and prosperous future for the shipping industry” was the closing statement. The event planner of this well attended conference was Ms Stelina Markoulaki and the event producer was Ms Katerina Vasilaki. About ESG Shipping Awards: The ESG Shipping Awards is a leading initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the shipping industry. The initiative awards ESG best practices and fosters collaboration in the shipping industry through its ESG Ambassadors Network. For more information about the panels, speakers, sponsors, and partners who contributed to the success of the event please visit www.esgshippingawards.com


Στην αρχική φωτογραφία  από αριστερά προς δεξιά:

Valeria Sterpos 2nd degree connectionPartner, member of Energy & Natural Resource practice at Bain & Company; EMEA Head of Woman at Bain
Katerina Stathopoulou, FICSGeorge Pateras 2nd degree connectionPresident at Hellenic Chamber of Shipping
Helena Athoussaki 2nd degree connectionChief Sustainability Officer, Motor Oil Group
Manolis Koutoulakis  2nd degree connectionSecretary General | Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy
Katerina Stathopoulou, FICS2nd degree connectionExecutive Director at Investments & Finance


  • Helena Athoussaki 2nd degree connectionChief Sustainability Officer, Motor Oil Group
    Kim Diederichsen 2nd degree connectionChief Executive Officer at ANEMOI
  • Fotios Belexis
    Fotios Belexis 2nd degree connectionTechnical Director at Star Bulk
  • Michael Androulakakis
    Michael Androulakakis 2nd degree connectionTechnical Manager at AVIN INTERNATIONAL S.A.
  • Angus Whiston
    Angus Whiston 2nd degree connectionUsing AI to make ships more efficient @ DeepSea
  • Elena Visone
    Elena Visone 3rd degree connectionNaval Architect and Marine Engineer presso Gr


Hellen Athoussaki, Claire  Papa



  • Vassilios Dimoulas Technology & Innovation Director – BV SEEBA Zone
  • Vasileios G. Petousis
    Vasileios G. Petousis Energy & Sustainability Manager at Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.
  • Catherine Prifti
    Catherine Prifti Laskaridis foundation
  • Evi Politi
    Evi Politi   R&D Manager at Danaos Shipping
  • Katerina Sarri
    Katerina Sarri  Finance manager/Controller at Euronav Ship Management Hellas
  • Stavros Niotis
    Stavros Niotis

Maria Angelidou  Group Marketing Manager – GAC Group ,  Claire Papa Piraeus365.gr, Artemis Vamvakopoulou  Founder & Managing Partner at EXTROVERT




Michalis G. Dalacouras  Governor · Director of Dalex Shipping  ,  Philip Uhsrkov Nielsen ORIANI,  Efthimios Stasinos   Katerina Palla   RINA 


Από αρ. Γ.Τριφύλλης, Γ. Αλεξανδράτος, Α. Παντουβάκης, Γ.Πατέρας, Ελένη Αθουσάκη, Μ.Κουτουλάκης.


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